BuildMonitor Help

Table of Contents

  1. Connectors
    1. GitLab CI
    2. Demo


GitLab CI Connector

The GitLab CI connector lets you connect your GitLab CE/EE instance or your account to the BuildMonitor.


  1. GitLab CE/EE server or a account

Setup and Configuration

  1. Generate a token

    To connect to GitLab you need a user token. We recommend creating an own BuildMonitor user for this, but this is optional. If you create an own user it needs at minimum Reporter rights for a project to read the necessary information.

    1. Open GitLab and click on your profile picture on the top right.
      Profile Menu
    2. Click on Settings.
      Settings Menu
    3. On the left menu select Access Tokens.
      Access Tokens Menu
    4. Enter a Name (e.g. BuildMonitor), leave Expires at blank, tick api and click Create personal access token.
      Access Token Settings
    5. Copy and/or save the access token.
      Access Token
  2. Open the BuildMonitor settings.
    BuildMonitor Settings

  3. Add the GitLab CI connector.
    Add Connector Add GitLab

  4. Enter GitLab CI Server. It is the server address including https:// e.g. Afterwards paste the token generated in step 1.
    GitLab Settings

  5. Click Save.
    GitLab Settings

  6. If you don't see your projects check the troubleshooting section.

Demo Connector

Hello, this is a test