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CI / CD Connectors

The BuildMonitor supports currently these major continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) systems:
We are already developing TeamCity, CircleCI and Bitbucket Pipelines integrations.
All official connectors are open source and are hosted on GitLab.

Every Device

The BuildMonitor runs nearly on every device. You can use it in your browser, on your mobile device, TVs, RaspberryPi and many more.

Easy Set-Up

Adding your CI system or issue tracker is very easy. There is no need for detailed configuration.

Safe Data

The connection data never leaves the system it is running on. We only store the data locally in your browser and don't send any information to the cloud. Additionally, all our servers are hosted in Germany and we are operating under German law, which includes one of the most strict data protection acts in the world.

Offline Usage and Own Servers

You can use the build monitor in an offline environment or on your own server. We offer bare HTML and JavaScript files or a ready to use Docker image. More information

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The build monitor is free to use. For more features or private deployments you can purchase subscriptions. More information

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